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Instastories vs Snapchat: Who won for me

There was a point in my very recent past when I was ALWAYS on Snapchat, to the extent that I'm fairly sure my presence on it annoyed family and friends. I would Snap from the time I woke up until I went to sleep, and would even say goodnight to my followers as if they were my roommates.

I loved it, I made friends on it, I got into some amazing (if a little heated) discussions on it. I event took part in a Snapchat-bolstered event with some of my close pals and had one of the most fun days of my life as a result. Hell, I even reluctantly put up with the odd dick pic here and there in order to stay nestled inside the warm community I found it to be.

Then, didn't Snapchat HQ go and change everything. Not only did they make the timeline an absolute nightmare for anyone with a slightly bigger than average following, but I quite literally cannot find most of the accounts I once loved and watched religiously. And I have a fairly decent college education.

So, for a while I performed a balancing act between Snapchat and Instastories.

I discovered, after a while, that I received far less abuse on Instastories. Fewer dick pics. More complimentary messages and fewer snide ones. Combining that with the 'new' Snapchat layout and functionality, it was and is a far better experience.

I now only use Instastories, and the only thing that has stopped me from deleting Snapchat entirely is that the filter, you know that beautiful one that slims your face and makes everything soft focus and warm? That. I use that to record myself front-facing and then save and post to Instastories. It's a process, but I'm so hideous without a filter that it's a worthwhile endeavour.

If Snapchat would do the following, I would be back in a heartbeat:

- Go back to the previous interface where you had your Stories to watch on one page and your private messages on another

- Allow tagging of other accounts on your Snaps

- Identify and block dick pics before I ever have to have my eyes assaulted

Which do you prefer, and why?

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