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Interviewing Estée: Beauty in Bloom at Arnotts

The Arnotts team, Estée in her stunning blue Ganni dress, and me!

I regularly have absolute freakouts about work. My career. My career progression. The validity of what I'm doing as a profession. I do the worst thing: I compare unlike for like on Instagram, seeing my career peers doing this or that, instantly feeling like whatever I've done thus far isn't enough. It's a hideous combination of "is this a real career" syndrome, Imposter syndrome and comparison-is-the-thief-of-joy syndrome - yes, I suffer from them all.

ANYWAY, now you know how sh*t I feel on a daily basis because of my chosen career path, you might be more understanding of what a triumph it felt like for me to be asked by Arnotts marketing manager to host the #ArnottsTalksBeauty Beauty in Bloom event, which involved interviewing Canadian super-blogger, Estée Lalonde.

Needless to say, I was thrilled to be asked to do it. I got down to writing my script, meeting the Arnotts team and planning what I was going to wear (a Michael Kors dress, in case you're interested!)

The day itself went amazingly well - Estée and her assistant Sophie were chilled and really genuinely lovely, the Arnotts team had everything organised to a T, and I had two of my best friends sitting front and centre to cheer me on.

There was 350+ people at the event itself, with thousands more watching live on Instagram, but I wasn't nervous. Okay, granted, for the ten seconds between getting mic'd up and walking onto the plinth I was a little breathless, but once I said my first sentence I was fine again.

Estée and I chatted like old friends, the audience LOVED her (and knew more about her than my research ever could've uncovered) and before I knew it, it was over. It was exhilarating and a definite career highlight, and something I hope to do more of in future.

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