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Presenting with Vogue & Amber at Arnotts

Back in March I was asked by the lovely people at Arnotts in Dublin to host a Style Off event in store. Vogue and Amber Williams, the exceptionally glam siblings, were to choose five outfits, each with a common item (jeans, a blazer, a statement bag etc) and styled them their own way.

Attended by a couple of hundred fans and shoppers, it was such a fun gig. The voting was done Ready, Steady, Cook style with the audience holding up whoever's name they thought nailed the look best. Amber won, much to Vogue's chagrin.

I was dressed for the day by Arnotts (thanks lads, I definitely didn't have a stitch fancy enought to compete with Vogue and Amber) and Mary the in-house stylist picked this Michael Kors summer dress for me. I wore my own Penneys ankle boots.

A brilliant event to be asked to present, I'm hoping there's more where that came from!


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