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The Swedish Girl: My interview with Alicia Vikander

Back in November, I flew to London at the behest of the lovely Rosie McMeel at Image Magazine, to interview Academy Award winner Alicia Vikander. She was in the middle of promoting her latest blockbuster, the latest iteration of Tomb Raider, and she was super gorgeous, pleasant and professional to chat to.

In very dramatic fashion, there was a massive security alert at London City Airport on the way home and I was stuck in a holding area with 200 panicked airport-goers for about an hour and a half as armed police swarmed around us - thankfully it was nothing serious and I got home okay.

I also managed to forget my debit card when travelling, and spent all the pounds I had exchanged, so I was penniless by about 3pm that day. I had to blag my way back to the airport from Hoxton, which I managed successfully. Top tip? If you can cry on cue, DO.

Here's the interview and the March cover of Image.

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